SCJM, do you love me?... Feed my sheep!” (Jn 21:15- 17)

Every year, together with the whole church we share in the great joy of Easter. But this year our joy was added with the first profession of our four novices. It was on 27th April 2019 - a memorable day for those who were going to be professed as well as for all the members of the Region of our Lady of Lavang of Vietnam.

The theme of the General Chapter 2017 has been chosen once again as the theme of their Profession. For they were determined to give an answer to that touching yet challenging question of Jesus through their dedication to Him: “SCJM, do you love me?”. Indeed, it was done by their act of pronouncing the three evangelical counsels on that very day.

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Who could explain the feelings of four novices that day? After years of formation and discernment, four young and enthusiastic women were willing to say “yes” to the Lord’s call in front of their family members and the whole congregation. Although they were little nervous and emotional but their expression of love and dedication was firm and clear. On that beautiful day the words of the boy Samuel were repeatedly sounded in the ears of those who were present in that church: “Lord, you have called me. Here I am”. Sister Roshni Barla, SCJM, General Assistant, welcomed these four novices into the SCJM family by offering a chain and the SCJM cross. The memory of the event that our Living God called His chosen people in the Old Testament was made alive. We believe that from those moments, the history of salvation was flowing like a single stream. Yes, that very same day, a new page has been turned in the history of the Congregation of the Sisters of Charity of Jesus and Mary, especially the Region of our Lady of Lavang in Vietnam. The SCJM family has been blessed with four more members. These women voluntarily chose to follow the Lord in SCJM way of life - a life marked with simplicity and self-denial, in spite of their own limitations. Is that not witnessing to the world that there is something greater than material goods, power and position? Is that not making the joy of Easter become real and true?

The rite of religious profession was done solemnly in the atmosphere of love and prayers. After being examined about their freedom to make this profession by the Rev. Bishop Dominic NGUYEN Van Manh, the coadjutor Bishop of Dalat diocese, the four novices prostrated in front of the altar while the choir sang the psalm 50. This has been always the most moving and beautiful moment of the ceremony. They appeared before the congregation as sacrificial witnesses of love. The hearts of all the participants seemed to be drawn to the same destination. All joined in the same joy of witnessing a dedication of selves in Religious life.

JPEG - 127.3 kbFollowing that, each sister was in turn pronouncing their commitment to the Lord and received a cross which is marked with the sentence: “God is love”. From now on these sisters will be living and witnessing to that statement. The congregation was overjoyed to welcome and congratulate the four newly professed sisters soon after Mother Mary’s song of praise – the “Magnificat”. The face of each sister was shining with joy. They radiated that joy to all who were present there.

The Bishop, in His homely, was focusing on the gift of the call, beginning with Moses, then Peter, and our call. He especially invited all the newly professed sisters to be rooted in God, to have a greater love, for it is from God that we draw the Love and strength needed to do our mission. Every mission begins with the answer to the question of Jesus: “Do you love me?”.

The mass ended at 11.45 with an emotionally charged atmosphere and was followed by a sumptuous meal with beautiful singing and dances. All together enjoyed and celebrated the beautiful gift of vocation.

Everything was good, we thanked God for His numerous blessings, and thanked all the people who had contributed to the success of this celebration.
Through the First Religious Profession of our four sisters, the JOY of the Gospel was manifested to everyone! As Pope Francis said in one of His Apostolic Letters: “The Joy of the Gospel is only discovered in the service to others: You will find life by giving life, hope by giving hope, love by giving love”.
(From left to right: Sr. Teresa Sâm, Sr. Anna Tin, Sr. Maria Hiền, Sr. Maria Hương)

Sr. Anna Thắng

Photos of the profession

Mali : New regional government

The Region of Mali has a new team consisting of Sr. Marguerite Tubale Matandu, Regional Superior (left), Sr. Rose Meta Kabambi (center) and Sr. Symphorose Kadd’a Tshiend (right) as councilors. The installation of new team took place in San, on 24th February 2019.
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New Provincial team in Ranchi - India

A new provincial team began its leadership ministry in the province of Ranchi from 23 February 2019. Sr. Mary Joseph Valiyankal (middle) is the new provincial superior.

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From left to right : Sister Albina Mundu, Sister Lidwin Mary Rodrigues, Sister Mary Joseph Valiyankal (Provincial Superior), Sister Elsy Joseph Vadake Vettuvazhiyil, Sister Susanna Barla.

Jubilee celebration of the Generalate


This year, the SCJM Generalate celebrated the Golden Jubilee of its existence in Brussels. The celebration took place on the 15th of December 2018 in the Generalate. Mgr. Luc Van Looy, Bishop of Gent, presided over the Jubilee Eucharist. Among the invitees, there were the sisters from European provinces who were part of the Generalate community to render service to the Congregation in different ways. Especially, the presence of Sr. Ludo Vercammen, our former Superior General, was a highlight of the day.
In welcoming the guests, Sr. Lucy Jacob, our Superior General, stated:

«We are celebrating today, the presence of our “Common Home”, as Sr. Christiane Dupuis of the South Province of Belgium called it the last time we gathered here (6th Oct. this year), in the heart of Europe. If the walls of this house could speak, they will have a very long, rich and multicolored narrative to recount: the successive teams of the general government, the passage of numerous Sisters from every part of the world, visitors of all kind, the countless meetings held here, the innumerable decisions made or unmade, policies defined and directives given, meeting and exchange of cultures, fun and laughter… one can go on.
Above all, for the last 50 years, it has primarily been a home to successive generations of leadership teams – of those SCJMs who have been entrusted with the mission of leading, guiding and animating the life & mission of the Congregation, taking forward the legacy inherited from our Founder Peter Joseph Triest and Mother Placide. The core of today’s celebration, as I see it, is this: the spirit that binds us together as one.»

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Photos of the Jubilee celebration

New vice-provincial team in Rwanda

The vice province of Our Lady of Kibeho (Rwanda) has a new team consisting of Sr. Mary Paul Vadassery, vice provincial (C), and Sr. Colette Uwamahoroand (L) Sr. Athanasie Mukangoga (R) as councilors. The installation of new team took place during a meaningful prayer service at the vice-provincialate, Notre-Dame de Kibeho, Nyamata, on 10th November 2018.

Vice-Province of Our Lady of Kibeho, Rwanda

Province of St. Vincent de Paul : new provincial team

The Province of St. Vincent de Paul has a new provincial team that was installed on August 1st, 2018 in the Chapel of the Community of Our Lady of Hope in Lubumbashi.

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From left to right : Sr. Jeannette Kaseka, Sr. Jacqueline Mushikwa, Sr. Marie-Céline Bulungu (Provincial Superior), Sr. Léontia Kabedi et Sr. Marie-Jeanne Kyuma.

New leadership team for Dutch-speaking province

The Dutch-speaking province has a new leaderhip team. You meet them here: (L-R) Sr. Anne-Marie Castelein, Sr. Birgit Goslain (provincial Superior), Sr. Lieve De Beul and Sr. Veroniek Ottenburgs. The installation of the new team took place on 3rd June 2018 at our Mother House in Gent.

Dutch speaking Province, Belgium/Netherlands

New provincial team in Sri Lanka

A new provincial team began its leadership ministry in the province of Sri Lanka from 02 June 2018. Sr. Ajitha Fernando (middle) is the new provincial superior. For Councilors, we have (L-R) Sr. Yogarani Rajaratnam, Sr. Malkanti Feranando, Sr. Patsey Pitchai and Sr. Lanka Fernando.

Province of Sri Lanka

News Update


Mali : New regional government

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